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They said it!

"Larry, you are a wonderful actor. Why aren't you working all the time?" RBG

Larry, you are fabulous. You should definitely be a series regular." BL

"Larry, it's only a matter of time before something real fantastic breaks through for you, I truly beleive this, so keep up teh great work." CC

You are very talented which I'm sure you know and we will definitely bring you in for all appropriate roles." CF

"Larry, as soon as I get that great role for you, you'll get the offer - I can't wait!" LJ

“LARRY: Great job. Exactly what I was looking for”
William Ludel, Director, “General Hospital”










“You have amazing eyes for the camera. You’re really good, really very, very good” john-swanbeck

John Swanbeck, Director, “The Big Kahuna”


“LARRY: You did an awesome job! It was wonderful seeing you work. You’ve got an amazing energy”

Amy Lyndon, Director, “I’m Twice”, Producer award winning “Odessa”


“LARRY: You played the part perfectly.”

Brad Podowski, Director, “Nausea”



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